Type 59D ремоделлинг

Шкурки: шкурки для wot 0.7.4
Ремоделлинг игровой модели Type 59.
Автор: Foxdie, Kyphe
v2.5 updates:
Crash textures fixed
Added Kyphe camo crash textures (can also be replace with [original]
Re-aligned gun in crash file
Small optimisations
v2.4.1 updates:

Combined Kyphe's camo pack as standard, but original is included and can be swapped by going to res_mods/vehicles/china/Ch01_Type59 and replacing Type59.dds with [original]Type59.dds (remove [orignal])
additional optimisations
crash model should no longer crash game
files and structure now updated to 0.7.4

Шкурки: Ремоделлинг игровых моделей
Шкурки: Ремоделлинг игровых моделей WoT

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