[0.9.1]Aslain's Xvm Mod V2.8.11

Иконки танков для World of Tanks 0.9.1. Добавлены все новые танки.
Обновлены все ссылки, до актуальной версии
В этих иконках используется SmartMarkerMod с постоянно висящими полосками ХП и названиями танков.
Моды для WoT: иконки танков world of tanks 0.9.1

Все ссылки обновлены!

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Обновлены конфиги для XVM «Пользомера»
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Моды для WoT: мод для wot 0.9.1
Альтернативные конфигурации иконок:
Конфиг с отображением уровня танка слева
Моды для WoT: [0.9.1]Aslain's Icon Contour Mod v2.5.4[01.02.13]

Конфиг со старыми версиями иконок
Моды для WoT: [0.8.3]Aslain's Icon Contour Mod v2.5.4[01.02.13]

Конфиг с большой полоской ХП + уровень танка
Моды для WoT: [0.8.3]Aslain's Icon Contour Mod v2.5.4[01.02.13]

Конфиг с вечно отображающеимеся никами игроков
Моды для WoT: [0.8.3]Aslain's Icon Contour Mod v2.5.4[01.02.13]

Конфиг с макс информацией, без нажатия альта
Моды для WoT: [0.8.3]Aslain's Icon Contour Mod v2.5.4[01.02.13]

Конфиг со стандартным маркером
Моды для WoT: [0.8.3]Aslain's Icon Contour Mod v2.5.4[01.02.13]

Конфиг со стандартными контурными иконами («уши»)
Моды для WoT: [0.8.3]Aslain's Icon Contour Mod v2.5.4[01.02.13]

— 6th sense icon location fix
— the 56-19 vehicle name fix
— added new stock turret icons
— the wings of death are now colored by foe/ally
— XVM udpated to 4.0.0-test1 (test2/3 won't run nicely on 8.5)
— the config has been split into multiple files
— location of XVM config files is now res_mods\xvm\configs\Aslain
— changed location of contour icons to res_mods\xvm\res\Aslain\contouricons
— default playerspanel resized down a bit
— battleloading is showing only simplified stats (removed vehicle stats)
— new: added vehicle name to destroyed vehicles marker
— new: showing enemy hp left on hitlog (under ALT key)
— mod compatible with WoT 0.8.4 and 0.8.5
— XVM updated to v3.5.0-pre1
— changed color for Super Unicum and some other ratings
— changed WZ-110 name back to original 110
— new feature: enemy spotted status at right side panel

— the old and unreliable XVM efficiency rating replaced with the WN6 efficiency formula
— vehicle marker's clan icon under ALT key is disabled by default now
— normalized colors for all win ratio instances

— fixed SuperPershing and Matilda IV icons

— added missing premium icons for Type 62, B2 740(f), 38H735 (f), Pz II (J), KV-220
— fixed wrong M3 Stuart/LL icons
— fixed hitlog disappearing

— XVM updated to 3.3.2-test2 (that includes fix to a capture bar)
— all 40 premium vehicle icons has been marked with a star on both vehicle markers and the panels
— renamed 5 vehicle icons, that includes T110 E5, Hellcat, Locust, JgTiger88 and T1E6
— some xvm config enhancement to help with easy enabling player names and tier number for all those who needs that
— no CB version at this time, must find a new way to make it, or I'm done with that (sorry)

— the 113 and the 121 vehicle names reworked for a historical sake (have gotten rid of the WZ's)

— average vehicle dmg stat removed temporary untill it starts showing up again
— battleloading and statistics tab font enlarged temporary by 1pt untill additional macro start showing up again
— enhanced visibility of current hp/max hp under a hp bar
— hp percentage is back to the place where average damage was
— removed bracketed tier number from a dead vehicles while ALT key is pressed
— fixed T57 Heavy name

— XVM updated to 3.3.1
— compatible with WoT 0.8.3

v2.3.8 / v2.4.0-test3
— HP bar size slightly reduced by about 12% + some small changes
— stock turret marker size reduced by 1 point, and repositioned to fit the new hp bar
— roman tier number and vehicle win ratio repositioned to fit the new hp bar

v2.3.7 / v2.4.0-test2
— the Color of inflicted damage done by own vehicle has been changed to dark purple. This is the only color that has enough difference to the others I'm using in this mod
— Centurion's Mark III name changed from «Cent.Mk.III» to «Centurion 3»
— hitlog is now disabled in 2.4.0-test2, because it's making issues when you hit WZ-113 chinese vehicle (will re-enable it once compatible XVM version will be released)
— note: average vehicle damage stat is showing very rarely, the reason of this is that Wargamming has broken their API. You will start seeing this stat once WG repairs that, however no eta on this

— compatible with WoT 0.8.3 Common Test
— known issues: hitlog font sometimes enlarges to monster size

— hitlog moved closer to the left
— clock display enabled
— further tunes to the capture bar
— color of damage inflicted by the player has changed from red to brown
— ammorack explosion icon has changed from cartoonish style into something more subtle
— number of battles on the current vehicle on the battle loading screen and under TAB stats has changed from decimal to hecto, the reason is to save 1 character space (hecto = 100)
— stock turret markers changed from dots into small icons, and their colors are switched over into more logical way. Currently red crossed square means stock turret, top gun mount impossible, and green square with check mark means stock turret, top gun mount possible
— fixed display of the T1E6 icon

— the floating skull icon has been tuned down to acceptable scale
— introduced new capture bar code

— added floating skull icon to the moment of vehicle destruction

— changed vehicle names on Panther M10 and british land lease vehicles (will match the names made by WG in 0.8.2, further vehicle name changes are coming later)

— XVM updated to 3.1.3-test4/3.2.0-test5
— a stock turret marker position is hard fixed now
— current-hp/max-hp gonna be correctly centered now
— percentage hp left has been replaced by average tank damage (under ALT key)
— only the main mod changed, alternative configs are waiting for compatible xvm editor
— player name on a hit-log has white color now, down from green
— vehicle name column size on a hit-log has been extended by 2 chars
— featuring new turret markers, represented by a red dot (high vulnerability), and a green dot (low vulnerability)

— XVM updated to 3.1.2
— fixed display marker for a tank with a dead crew
— added 26 new vehicle icons

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